Interconnection Technology Incentives Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection

Date: 2023-11-26
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    The fragrance of osmanthus is strong, and the project's good news will be sent again.

    Recently, the Office of the People's Government of Suzhou City issued a document announcing the list of enterprises implementing the 2023 Suzhou Enterprise Intellectual Property Summit Action Plan, with Kunshan Jiahua Electronics Co., Ltd. on the list.

    The Suzhou Enterprise Intellectual Property Summit Action Project is the only intellectual property project in Suzhou approved by the Suzhou Municipal People's Government. The peak project requires enterprises to focus on key technologies in the industrial field, scientifically and reasonably allocate innovative resources, take the market as the guide, and build intellectual property advantages. It is currently the most difficult project to apply for and requires the highest comprehensive strength of enterprise intellectual property in Suzhou,

    The approval of the Suzhou Intellectual Property Summit Plan is not only due to the recognition of Jiahua Electronics' intellectual property work by government departments and regulatory authorities, but also coincides with the company's implementation of a high-quality intellectual property development strategy

    Jiahua Electronics will focus on three major aspects: intellectual property integration, intellectual property empowerment, and patent operation. At the same time, it will implement the "Norms for High Value Patent Cultivation," "Guidelines for Innovation Management of Intellectual Property Management," and "Enterprise Intellectual Property Compliance Management System," and continue to carry out intellectual property empowerment work. Based on new product and technology research and development innovation, it will strengthen the analysis and utilization of intellectual property, strategic layout, and protection capacity building, Strengthen the construction of high-level intellectual property talent team and brand system to comprehensively enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, expand the company's influence in the field of electronic information intelligent mobile terminal electrical connectors, establish industry benchmarks, and climb industry peaks again.

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